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Vote For Steve’s song, “Fourth Of July” To Be COOLEST SONG IN THE WORLD 2023 On Little Steven’s Underground Garage!

Hey all – this is a big one…

My song, “Fourth Of July” (that I wrote with XTC’s Andy Partridge) is up for the title of COOLEST SONG IN THE WORLD 2023 on Little Steven’s Underground Garage!

This is a People’s Choice Award so I hope you’ll cast your vote for my song…

You can vote once every 12 hours so – Please Vote Today…And Tonight! 👊🏼😎 🎸

This link takes you directly to my song:

Thank you SO much!!


So many great artists & songs involved…I’m chuffed to be included with this bunch.

Have a listen… (Track #28 is kinda cool). 😎

New single, “Girl With No Name” – OUT NOW on Wicked Cool Records!

Have at it!

Rock Fiend Magazine says:

“As fans of Steve’s solo career will be aware, one of the joys of listening to him is you never know which Steve is going to turn up next – Garage Steve (“Gypsy Cab”), Americana Steve (“Anytime At All Times”), Power Pop Steve (“Gimme, Gimme, Rockaway”), Punk Steve (covering “Somebody’s Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight”) or as part of Blues Deluxe’s flawless tribute to the Faces and early Rod Stewart. Regardless of which Steve turns up, quality is guaranteed and today folks it’s time for Seriously Smooth Steve. Playing his street style New York rock and soul, soul is never far away from his music and vocals, but takes front and centre on “Girl With No Name”.

Described by Steve as a song which he’d written in 1984 and resurrected while working with XTC’s Andy Partridge on his new album, he felt it was influenced by the music he was listening to at the time including mid 60’s Beatles, XTC and Diana Ross & The Supremes. Lyrically, the song tells the story of a tongue-tied Steve loving a girl from afar, but being too shy to speak to her – a place where many of us have been and can relate to.

We all know a song in which there is a moment of magic which transports a good song into a great song. Around the 2 mins 30 seconds mark when Steve may have normally been tempted to start heading for home to achieve the 3 minute target, the bridge takes this song into another league, first through the bass line and then through Steve repeatedly and slowly singing “I Cry for Loving”. As he does this the third time, the backing vocals kick in shufflingly singing “I’m So Shy, I’m So Shy, Don’t Know Why, I’m So Shy” while the lead vocal continues above them.

Having reached this high, the song continues with Steve singing freely and improvising over it (and hitting some seriously soulful notes) as the song fades to a close. As a song, the “Girl With No Name” oozes class, deserves to be heard and enjoyed by a much wider audience and has soundtrack potential written all over it. And all the while keeping just enough great guitar in the mix (raw, smooth and chopping) to satisfy those of us who like our music rockier.

No longer content with creating the perfect 3-minute pop song, Steve Conte has delivered the perfect 4-minute pop song and probably the song of his career.”

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New Merch Item On Bandcamp: Signed Lyric Sheets From The Bronx Cheer Recording Sessions!

The real deal – the actual printed lyric sheets that were used in the studio when recording Steve’s Bronx Cheer album. Many pages have cross-outs & notes in the margins as they were not only used by Steve, but also by background singers Willie Nile, James Maddock, Nicki Richards & LaJuan Carter-Dent. Signed & personalized by SC.

Below is what is available on Steve’s Bandcamp page – you can request a specific lyric in your order but if that one is gone, you will get one of Steve’s choosing.

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