Steve Conte

Gimme Gimme Rockaway

Recovery Doll


Wildwood Moon

  Dog Days Of Summer

NY1 News: Bronx Cheer Release

Fourth Of July

Steve Conte NYC

The Steve Conte NYC Album

B-Bender Solo

Anytime At All Times (Mandolin)

Lady Luck


Lady Luck (ft. Dennis Dunnaway)

Rock and Rye Queen

Summertime Blues

Atomic Studios, Brooklyn

Tracie Hunter & Phoebe White Sing!

The Silence Of Rich Lamb

What Would I Do If I Were Me?

Steve Conte & The Crazy Truth

Gypsy Cab

New York Dolls

Gotta Get Away from Tommy

Dance Like A Monkey // Johnathan Ross Show (UK)

Dance Like A Monkey (Music Video)

Dance Like a Monkey // The Henry Rollins Show

Personality Crisis // The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Studio 104, Paris 2007

Piece Of My Heart

Dance Like a Monkey // Late Night with Conan O’Brien

Cause I Sez So // Live on SiriusXM

Michael Monroe

Ballad Of The Lower East Side

Stained Glass Heart


Trick Of The Wrist

78 (Live Nyhetsmorgon 2011)

Old King’s Road

Goin’ Down With The Ship

Last Train To Tokyo

RuisRock 7.07.2012

Company Of Wolves

Call Of The Wild

The Distance


Eric Burdon

Doheny Blues Fest 2008

Steve Conte Solo Acoustic

Play With Fire // Live in the East Village Radio Booth

Better Than You

Jesus Gonna Be Here

WTF Does Music Look Like?

Ballad Of The Lower East Side & Gimme Gimme Rockaway ( Acoustic Lockdown Set)