Steve Plays Ramones 40th Anniversary Show in NYC

Sept 14, 2014 marked the 40th anniversary of Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee and Tommy’s 1st show on the Bowery. To celebrate this milestone something had to be done…and so, a show took place at Bowery Electric in NYC. The show was for charity and was sold out. The long and illustrious list of performers included Handsome Dick Manitoba, Ross The Boss, Cheetah Chrome, Jesse Malin, Sami Yaffa, and many more – including our own Steve Conte NYC! Read the details here via Rolling Stone Magazine online in a review written by long time RS staff writer David Fricke…

“Steve Conte of the reformed New York Dolls played the first guitar solo of the night, combining throaty, rockabilly twang and hard glam, in the Ramones’ arrangement of Tom Waits’ “I Don’t Want to Grow Up”.

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Little Steven Van Zandt Names The Steve Conte NYC Album The Underground Garage “Album of the Month”!

Today’s post from Stevie Van Zandt’s Facebook Page:
The Underground Garage  Album of the Month:   Steve Conte NYC 
The album has been in heavy rotation all summer with 5 songs added to the playlist including ”Rock and Rye Queen “, ” Dark In The Spotlight “, ”Anytime At All Times ” “Lady Luck”, and former Coolest Song in the World this Week “OK DJ”.
The Steve Conte NYC Album – now available on iTunes, Amazon, CDbaby, etc.

What Folks Are Saying About The SC*NYC Album…

“Steve Conte is one of the best kept secrets of the music business , but hopefully this album will fix that.” 

– Steve Lillywhite (U2 / Rolling Stones Producer)

“Without a doubt – one of the best records of the year!”

–  “Little Steven” Van Zandt  (Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, The Sopranos, Underground Garage, etc.)

“Rhyming distortion/misfortune is a little act of genius. Loving OK DJ…spunky! Have been boogalooing around the kitchen…Sounds good Steve.”

– Andy Partridge (XTC) 

“If you’re tired of searching for new material that has the soul of balls out classic rock n roll, look no further. Steve Conte is making it!”

– Rami Jaffee (Foo Fighters)

Song for song, Steve’s album is a solid rocker with refreshing textures. Listen closely – you’re hearing more than a great selection of songs. You’re hearing a dedicated musician. You’re hearing a passion for getting every detail right. You’re hearing years of experience, hard work and talent. And above all, you’re thoroughly enjoying it”.

– Dennis Dunaway (Alice Cooper Band)

“Fucking great work on the album, strong songs and production . ”

– Jesse Malin (NYC singer/songwriter, D-Generation)

“Steve Conte rocks and rolls ~ that’s probably why New York does too…lotsa great twanging… nifty lyricism…Take a bow, Mr Conte!”

– BP Fallon (Rennaisance man; musician, photographer, journalist- T Rex, Led Zeppelin, Beatles, etc.)

“Steve Conte is one of the few Gems we have left on this planet as far as truly great Rock’n’Roll guitar players go, as they are a rare breed. How sweet it is to hear some brand new good old Rock’n’Roll again, honest and authentic with real sounds –  soothing to the ear. I hear some nice echoes of the Faces and the Rolling Stones at their best in Steve’s unique style and sound on this record.  His lyrics are smart and fun and there’s a lot of cool chord changes in his songwriting style that I also dig.  Not only is he an exceptional guitarist, he’s also a fantastic lead singer.  The attitude is there, the talent, the music…what can I say – he’s got it all, the lucky devil…”

– Michael Monroe (Hanoi Rocks)

“A masterpiece of an album. Classic Americana Rock’n’Roll songwriting/playing with balls & soul. I was very happy to be invited to this party.”

– Paul-Ronney Angel (The Urban Voodoo Machine)

“Steve once again proves that he has gasoline pumping instead of blood, and a four-four rhythm instead of a regular heartbeat. No one else makes rock n roll seem so effortless and authentic.”

– Ginger (The Wildhearts)

“Steve, this is great stuff.  Love “Tax Free”.   Hope we cross paths again some time.”

– Louis X. Erlanger (Mink DeVille)

“This is Rock n Roll as it should be, as it rarely is anymore. Hook laden & sexy with superb vocals . Steve Conte knows exactly how to do it & do it he does.”

– Tracie Hunter

“This record should be in the NY Archives. I had each of your tunes on repeat for 2-3 times. Lyrics are crazy good.  Always knew you were a great musician. Didn’t know the songwriting was equally deep.”

-Mark Alexander (Little Steven Van Zandt, Meatloaf)

“There are not a lot of artists like Steve Conte, never have been.  He’s world-class on three levels:  a great songwriter, phenomenal both as a guitar player and as a vocalist.  But listening to his new release, The Steve Conte NYC Album, reveals more than that:  the man knows how to make a record.  Sure, he’s written award-winning, best-selling works like Michael Monroe’s Horns and Halos, among others.  He’s been a lead guitar player for artists as diverse as The New York Dolls, Maceo Parker, Billy Squier, Blood Sweat & Tears.  He’s sung lead and back-up with those bands as well as with Paul Simon.  And in a world dominated by flashes-in-the-pan, Steve’s been doing all that for over 25 years.  But The Steve Conte NYC Album shows an artist combining all those skill to create a cohesive work of art that pays tribute to his influences without being mired in the past.  It’s not just a trip through Steve’s current musical state of mind.  It’s a journey across the history of rocking American music:  from the RnR of the opener “Dark in the Spotlight” to the 12-string guitar plus RnB-influenced groove and harmonies of “Anytime at all Times” to the country-stomping closer “Tax-Free.”  It’s all sincere, it’s all listenable, it’s all catchy, and it’s all delivered with a level of musicianship that you just don’t get anymore.  The Steve Conte NYC Album is exactly what people needed at exactly the right time—it proves that great rock and roll can still be found.

– Neil  Nunziato (NYC Musician, Universal Music Group)

“I’ve been listening to the new album by Steve Conte titled ” Steve Conte NYC” . Steve has had a successful career as a song writer, singer , and musician . His new release is one of the best rock albums that I have heard in quite some time . Every song is well crafted with intelligent lyrics , infectious hooks and melodies , an organic sounding production with a nice blend of acoustic instrumentation and rocking guitar licks , all done tastefully and unpredictably . I highly recommend it.”  – Steven Bottari (Singer/Songwriter/Musician)

“From the opening track “Dark In The Spotlight” until the very last song “Tax Free”, Steve Conte delivers a collection of songs with definite radio hit potential and a catchy laid-back New York mood. Guest musicians like Sami Yaffa, Sylvain Sylvain, Michael Monroe and Dregen make this an interesting listen to all the rock fans out there.”

– Toni Ritonen (Fullsteam Agency / Helsinki, Finland)

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One Of The Beatles – And Me!

On this website I won’t be posting much about projects I’m doing with other artists, but this one is just too cool…

Here’s a track I play lead guitar on with Ringo Starr playing drums!

When I was a 7 year old drummer idolizing Ringo, if you would’ve told me that I would play on an album with him someday I wouldn’t have believed it…

Mark Rivera – Money, Money, Money  (from his great album, Common Bond)