New Steve Conte Music On Bandcamp Friday!

Yes, folks – it’s Bandcamp Friday once again and that means new music from Steve Conte! (Also from The Conte Brothers and their band Company Of Wolves!)

 Ever think you’d get to hear Steve Conte play jazz guitar? On a Bebop jazz tune – that he wrote? Well, it’s happening… Steve has released his “Temporary Insanity” to the world!

Today, March 5th, is another Bandcamp Friday where for 24 hours, 100% of the revenue from sales goes directly to the artists!  It started at MIDNIGHT last night and will end at midnight tonight! 12AM PST, 3AM EST, 9AM in EU, etc. Get there before time is up in your country! And while you’re there you can hear a few of Steve’s other releases…

Also check out The Conte Brothers newly released cover of the Cheap Trick classic “How Are You”? and their band Company Of Wolves heavy blues cover of The Rolling Stones’ “Play With Fire”

It’s a wonderful thing is doing for musicians during the pandemic – since they can’t work together in studios or play live. Pleas support independent music…and thanks in advance! We love you Bandcamp!!!

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