Order Steve’s New Single: “Fourth Of July” (Co-Written By Andy Partridge Of XTC) – On Wicked Cool Records!

At the link below, you can pre-order signed/personalized copies of the LIMITED EDITION 7” single on cloudy blue vinyl and find your favorite digital music sites to buy or stream it!


Note: The physical single will not ship until late August/early September, but the downloads & streaming will become available on the date of the song’s release, June 30, 2023.

(The B-Side is an acoustic version of a very cool song, “Poison Candy Heart” by Mark Mulchahy of Miracle Legion.)

Steve Conte – Vocals, Guitars, Organ, Percussion * John Conte – Bass * Prairie Prince – Drums * Andrew Hollander. – Piano * Mixed by Geoff Sanoff @ Renegade Studios, NYC

“Recovery Doll” Limited Edition 7″ Single On GLOW-IN-THE-DARK GREEN VINYL – SIGNED!

While waiting for my next Limited Edition 7″ colored vinyl single to drop, you could get yourself get one of these babies. : https://steveconte.bandcamp.com/merch/recovery-doll-limited-edtion-single-on-glow-in-the-dark-green-7-vinyl-signed

Side A: “Recovery Doll” – Charley Drayton on drums, brother John Conte on bass, Zia Conte, Nicki Richards & LaJuan Carter-Dent on BG vocals & me on everything else.

Side B: “Rock ‘n Rye Queen” (Demo) – me & brother John w/ Steve Murphy on drums.



The Music of Bebop ft. Steve Conte! The Bebop Beat: A Cowboy Bebop Rewatch Podcast

“Cowboy Bebop combines jazz, blues, country, rock, even heavy metal. who better to discuss this genre-bending soundtrack than Steve Conte, vocalist from some of the anime’s most famous jams? He honored us with an interview, and even after this awesome episode, we STILL aren’t sure if we’re done talking about Cowboy Bebop’s music…”

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Steve Produces EP For New Band: Leather Catsuit!

Released April 7, 2023 https://rumbarrecords.bandcamp.com/album/leather-catsuit

Here’s the lead single:

Produced by Steve Conte

Kim Olin – Lead Vocals
Steve Conte – Guitars, Backing Vocals, Keyboards, and digital junk
Johnny Pisano – Bass and Vocals on “Piece of the Pie”
Jon Weber – Drums and Vocals on “Piece of the Pie”
Jon Graboff – Pedal Steel on “Broken”

Recorded at Renegade Nation Studios (NYC), Conte’s Joint (NYC), House of Ziggy (Bronx, NY)
Basic tracks engineered by Geoff Sanoff
Additional recording engineered and edited by Steve Conte

“You’re Killing Me” written by Kim Olin
All other songs written by Kim Olin/Steve Conte
Except “Can’t Get You Off My Mind” written by Dave DeLuca with Kim Olin & Steve Conte

1.Piece Of The Pie 03:16
2.Can’t Get You Off My Mind 02:56
3.Broken 03:06
4.A Woman Alone 03:23
5.You’re Killing Me 03:28

“A brilliant amalgam of styles but with a singular message, this is a powerful and enlightening listen. So, listen to it. NOW.” – Monk, Uber Rock

“Proof that holding onto a dream for decades can pay off, Leather Catsuit is the brainchild of singer/songwriter Kim Olin, and an idea germinating since the eighties. The rock & roll DJs’ debut EP bring in pals she made along the way, like bassist Johnny Pisano, drummer Jon Weber (both of whom anchor fellow traveler Willie Nile’s band), and, as co-writer, producer, and guitarist, Steve Conte, whose resumé include everything from hair metallers Company of Wolves to the New York Dolls and Michael Monroe, not to mention his own superlative solo efforts. He and Olin come up with four songs (plus one reworked from songwriter Dave DeLuca’s catalog) that rock (“Piece of the Pie”), roll (“Can’t Get You Off My Mind”), weep (“A Woman Alone”), and worry (“Broken”). “You’re Killing Me” caps it off with a midtempo moan that puts melody, emotion, and soul into an irresistible package.” – Michael “Denim” Toland, Big Takeover Magazine

“Lead single of this mini album ‘Piece Of The Pie’ already received profuse praise, top 10 position on Indie Radio charts and fantastic press. For Kim Olin a dream came true. The record is her dream baby and what a record it is.”… 

Kim says: “I want to thank Steve Conte for taking a chance on producing some girl from NJ that hadn’t done too much musically since the 80’s. Thanks to Johnny Pisano and Arlan Feiles for convincing me to just do it, Robb Geores for helping me figure out chords and stuff, and Palmyra Delran for her encouragement and advice throughout the process. Thanks to everyone who has been supportive during the long journey to this record. My heart is full.”